Working at UNNC has opened many doors for my career progression over my ten years with the Centre for English Language Education (CELE). I’m a Senior Fellow Advance HE (SFHEA), hold a Master’s in TESOL, a Cambridge DELTA, and a BA in Politics. I have worked in higher education since 2007, with previous teaching positions in South Korea and Turkey. Whilst in both places, I had heard of UNNC as being an incredibly attractive place to work and teach because of two main factors: its dynamic work environment and high standards of quality across teaching, research, and student support. I am happy to now be part of University operations management, as since 2021, I have held the position of Centre Operations Director for CELE. At CELE, we strive to push our students to develop their academic and language skills as preparation for entering their qualifying year.

My UNNC journey has been one of continuous growth. I have been very fortunate to be promoted to several roles. I’ve also had the opportunity to pursue HEA accreditation, PRINCE2 project management training, and other globally recognised professional management and coaching certifications.

Working at UNNC has also helped me to development a growing professional network. Ningbo’s unique position in China and East Asia has allowed me and my colleagues to collaborate with counterparts from all over Mainland China, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, and other education and business hubs around the region and further afield. Part of my current role involves taking part in working groups, committees, and recruitment panels. This allows me to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, helping to foster an increasingly beneficial exchange.

Both the Centre for English Language Education and UNNC as a whole provide a strong support network for staff and their development. We strive to identify the strengths of our colleagues and establish procedures to support them in reaching their professional development goals. We try to understand their needs and reach solutions that fit them by encouraging flexible working arrangements, for instance, and being open to new initiatives.

The support for foreign staff is also great here, including access to the UNNC Sports Centre (we have perhaps the best gym in the city) and the nurturing of groups of like-minded friends involved in various hobbies and interests. At work, support is available through the Health and Wellbeing Centre, and we have dedicated HR and Finance offices. The overall package for international staff is mostly unmatched in the regional market.

The environment for success at work and the support provided by UNNC to me and my family means I plan to stay for a while longer yet (I hope).

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