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We are committed to a collaborative, flexible and interactive approach to staff learning and development, to empower individuals to contribute fully to the achievement of the University’s goals. The UNNC Learning Academy was launched in April 2021 to provide a wide range of training opportunities in line with the University’s strategy, by providing our staff with the tools to empower high-performing talent and to unlock their full potential and develop further, cultivate inspirational leadership, and a support a high performing and learning culture across UNNC. Members of staff have enriched opportunities to engage in a mixture of in-house and externally provided learning and development activities, as well as digital learning.

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World’s top 2% scientists: Released by Stanford-Elsevier in 2023, 21 UNNC scholars were included in the single-year database and 8 scholars in the career-long database of the world’s top 2% scientists. Global top 1% subjects: In the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database released in 2023, the subjects of Economics and Business, Engineering, and Social Sciences General of UNNC are in the top 1% global rankings. Global ranking academic subjects: Released by Shanghai Ranking in 2023, Six subjects have been listed in the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS). Highly Cited Researchers: Released by Elsevier in 2023, 11 academics from UNNC were included in the “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” list. Diversity and Inclusion Award: UNNC was recognised in 2022 by the British Chambers of Commerce in China for outstanding contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

Whenever I face challenges in meeting these requirements, the university and my colleagues always support me with both resources and even ideas, contributing to results that are nothing short of outstanding.

David Phang

Talented and dedicated colleagues
Moreover, I can say that UNNC's aim to always excel in knowledge creation, research, and innovation is truly inspiring. The university constantly strives to push boundaries, which aligns perfectly with my desire for continuous improvement and intellectual curiosity.

Xu Sun

Teaching and research excellence
My UNNC journey has been one of continuous growth. Both the Centre for English Language Education and UNNC as a whole provide a strong support network for staff and their development. We strive to identify the strengths of our colleagues and establish procedures to support them in reaching their professional development goals. We try to understand their needs and reach solutions that fit them by encouraging flexible working arrangements, for instance, and being open to new initiatives.

David Anstey

Personal and professional growth

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