I hold certain values close to my core, and I can see that UNNC embodies many of them in its ethos and daily life on campus. This is why I choose to continue working here.

I’m a chartered technological product designer, recognised by the Institute of Engineering Designers (iED, UK). Throughout my career, I’ve worked on design projects in collaboration with top universities and major industrial companies, such as Boeing and Philips. With over twenty years of expertise in design-led research, I specialise in developing innovative products, interactions, and interfaces that seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and human users.

When I came to UNNC, I found even more potential for growth. The university’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures every individual is welcomed and embraced, regardless of their background. I came to truly value this multicultural atmosphere that fosters a unique learning environment and as a result, enriches both my personal and academic growth.

Moreover, I can say that UNNC’s aim to always excel in knowledge creation, research, and innovation is truly inspiring. The university constantly strives to push boundaries, which aligns perfectly with my desire for continuous improvement and intellectual curiosity. The result is that everyone here is ambitious in achieving outstanding results, constantly challenging conventional thinking and exploring new ideas.

Through the workshops and training the university offers, I’ve enhanced my skills and broadened my horizons. At UNNC, I feel encouraged to express my ideas and opinions, knowing they will be respected. Regular communication channels, such as staff meetings and feedback sessions, are great tools to ensure that staff and students’ voices are heard and that their opinions and perspectives are not only valued but incorporated into decision-making processes.

This talented and diverse community thrives on our beautiful campus, a place I consider a real escape from the bustling city life in Ningbo. It fosters creativity, productivity, and overall well-being and holds various cultural events and seminars throughout the year, enabling further growth and networking opportunities.

You can see human-centred design evident in every aspect. From the design of our learning spaces to the development of our curriculum, we prioritize the needs and experiences of our students. This commitment is reflected in the creation of inclusive and accessible environments that foster creativity and collaboration. In summary, for countless reasons, UNNC embodies the kind of change the world is longing for.

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