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Year after year I see how the university provides a high degree of support for everyone within their three campuses. Notably, UNNC also offers excellent research and teaching seed funding, Ph.D. scholarships, conference grants, and other incentives that make a big difference, enabling academic staff to ‘ramp up’ quickly after their appointment.

Jim Greer

Chair Professor in Engineering Physics
When I came to UNNC, I found even more potential for growth. The university's unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures every individual is welcomed and embraced, regardless of their background. I came to truly value this multicultural atmosphere that fosters a unique learning environment and as a result, enriches both my personal and academic growth.

Xu Sun

Professor in Industrial Design and Manufacture
The community here is genuinely fair to all members. I've had the privilege of taking part in working committees at various levels, gaining firsthand experience of the university's strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. To ensure that every member is included, UNNC offers additional support to staff and faculty members who may not be proficient in Chinese

Eric Opoku

Assistant Professor of Economics
One of the key tenets for the university is that when employees grow, the university grows in turn, people make the university and that is what makes this place tick.

David Kiwuwa

Associate Professor in International Studies
I'm a qualified engineer with 'innovation' as my middle name, because I always strive for innovative approaches in my day-to-day activities — and UNNC is a perfect environment to find myself in now, as there are abundant opportunities that allow the enhancement and transformation of my professional and personal competencies.

Sannia Mareta

Academic Content Team Leader:
Science & Engineering Team Leader
Their support was also paramount to developing my research, which often involves complex field experiments. Whenever I face challenges in meeting these requirements, the university and my colleagues always support me with both resources and even ideas, contributing to results that are nothing short of outstanding.

David Phang

Professor in Marketing and Information Systems

Equal Opportunities

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive learning and working environment for our students and staff. It is our intention to ensure that job applicants and staff are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, age, socio-economic background, disability, religious or political beliefs, trade union membership, family circumstances, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction.