I came to UNNC from Nottingham UK Campus having wanted to be part of the groundbreaking internationalization of higher Education in China. Now I am a recipient of two university long service awards that point to my long stay with UNNC.

I am an Associate Professor of International Studies at the School of International Studies at UNNC and currently Head of School and Director for Centre for Advanced International Studies. My research expertise is in the broad areas of International Politics, specifically Governance and regime types, conflict and identity studies, democratic theories and China-Africa relations. I am a university Teaching Excellence Award winner and a Political Science Association (UK) Award winner.

One of the key tenets for the university is that when employees grow, the university grows in turn, people make the university and that is what makes this place tick.

On joining UNNC, I was very early on afforded significant opportunities to be part of the school’s administrative apparatus. I was a Deputy Head of school, senior tutor, Admissions officer, Director of Research and presently Head of School. I have been afforded exceptional professional and career growth opportunities perhaps much earlier than would have been away from UNNC. This is personally gratifying to have been trusted with such responsibilities consistently and for my performance to have been recognized culminating into my current appointment.

UNNC has been a very supportive employer to me for a very long time both in a professional and personal capacity. I have felt comfortable working here, my colleagues have been exceptional and enabling in the performance of my responsibilities, and my line managers and senior university management always welcoming of my initiatives and affording me an opportunity to be heard.

Also, I have seen the university grow from its very early stage and am exceptionally proud of its achievements in both areas of teaching and research. We have made a transformative impact not only on higher education in China but also on Ningbo as a city. The university has attracted some of the best academic talent and this has made UNNC an internationally competitive university. I am specifically delighted that my school has a provincial award for one of our courses that is a testament to teaching excellence that my colleagues and I continue to do.

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