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Also, the university really helps staff members with families. I cannot overstate the level of support I received during COVID-19 when the HR team tirelessly facilitated the arrival of my wife and children from Ghana. Their unwavering dedication to ensuring my family could join me during such a challenging time is a testament to the care and support UNNC offers.

Eric Opoku

Diversity community
Our policies at UNNC extend beyond disability support, encompassing topics related to sexual health, gender identity, sexual orientation, and the prevention of sexual harassment and bullying. These efforts help raise awareness and provide students and staff members with essential skills in these areas.

Jean Wu

Care and support
My impressions of Ningbo are highlighted by how I'm continually amazed by its lush greenery, cleanliness, and well-planned layout with smart city concepts. I also must mention that Ningbo is a very safe city to live in. Having been here for over 10 years now, it has allowed me to fully immerse myself in China's diverse socio-cultural environment.

Sannia Mareta

Vibrant life on campus and in Ningbo

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