What first caught my attention about UNNC was its strong international presence and its diverse community made of individuals from all parts of the world. Then, I learned about the exceptional support the university offers for professional growth and the highly competitive compensation packages. As a researcher early in my career, I knew this was the right choice. And what an extraordinary choice it turned out to be!

I hold a Ph.D. in Economics from the City University of Hong Kong. Besides my work experience in Hong Kong, I have gained experience in my home country of Ghana, as well as in Germany and Mainland China. I’m currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at UNNC, where my research primarily focuses on environmental and energy economics.

I can safely say I’ve found all the opportunities I needed for professional development at UNNC. For instance, the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) offered to teaching staff was paramount in enhancing my teaching skills, making me more efficient and results-oriented.

From the outset, the university has been committed to supporting my research, offering grants, covering necessary fees, and providing help through research fellows. This was the key to my ability to put my full focus on research.

The community here is genuinely fair to all members. I’ve had the privilege of taking part in working committees at various levels, gaining firsthand experience of the university’s strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. To ensure that every member is included, UNNC offers additional support to staff and faculty members who may not be proficient in Chinese.

Also, the university really helps staff members with families. I cannot overstate the level of support I received during COVID-19 when the HR team tirelessly facilitated the arrival of my wife and children from Ghana. Their unwavering dedication to ensuring my family could join me during such a challenging time is a testament to the care and support UNNC offers.

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