I always liked to think of a university as a place of wonder, where talented individuals come together to create extraordinary things. That’s why I was excited to explore the opportunities at UNNC from the very beginning. Still, little did I know what kind of place I would find…

I was nurtured in a different kind of space, a more industry-focused and commercially driven arena if I can say so. I have spent the past nine years in various marketing-related roles, developing my industry skills the most I could. Before joining UNNC, I was a Senior Branding Manager at Tencent Games. There, I explored opportunities in gaming technology. My work involved, among other things, something very specific: protecting cultural heritage to empower advanced manufacturing and AI training. It was a challenging and highly complex field, but I can say that I found great satisfaction in experimenting with something the general public had limited knowledge of but could find intriguing.

As I have said, my path took me to UNNC. The university has revealed itself to be a great place to work for me and for others for countless reasons. One of them is the number of annual leave days they offer, which exceeds the Chinese average. This is great for me of course, but it’s also really something that younger generations truly value.

Also, the staff here are incredibly diverse and talented. That’s something that really helps to create an environment filled with fresh perspectives. This diverse atmosphere is enhanced by the tri-campus scheme, which provides further opportunities for interactions with people from different countries and cultures.

Every day, I have the privilege of working with staff members from diverse backgrounds, exchanging thoughts, and listening to their ideas. This interaction has significantly expanded my knowledge in countless ways. The university also offers many training and development opportunities for staff growth and development.

Another aspect of UNNC’s I really cherish is its culture is its inclusivity. The university runs a project to hire people with disabilities, ensuring that these highly qualified candidates have a fair chance to excel in roles where they are experts and can add the most value.

Overall, my journey at UNNC has been marked by exciting challenges, rewarding achievements, and a sense of belonging to an institution that values its people and promotes excellence in all ways possible. I’m looking forward to the years to come in this great institution!

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